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These fab crystal earrings feature three shades of green with yellow - such a great colour for summer. Wear with tee shirt and jeans or with your summer dresses for nights out.

These stunning earrings are made from dichroic glass and have a lavender hue - so feminine and gorgeous you will love wearing them.  Set with a cultured pearl for added luxury!

 Dichroic glass is glass that can display different colours depending on the lighting condition.  It is produced by stacking layers of metal oxides.

Gold plated on brass.

Please call us on 044 9347828 or email with any queries as earrings cannot be exchanged.


These are the colour of rich caramel (slightly more neutral in the photo).  A gorgeous toffee shade that will look beautiful with burgundy, green and a host of neutral outfits.


As we cannot exchange earrings, please call us on 044 9347828 or email for more information before purchasing.


These stunning earrings are set in gold plate.  Both stones are brilliantly faceted so the catch the light beautifully.

As we cannot exchange earrings, please call us on 044 9347828 or email


These statement earring look wonderful with black but the touch of pearl makes them wearable with so much more!

As earrings cannot be exchange, please call us on 044 9347828 or email before purchasing


These are variation (longer) than the ones we had in the Summer.  These longer length are so flattering. 

Set in gold plated base metal.

As earrings cannot be exchanged do ring us on 044 9347828 or email on with any queries before purchasing.


These are always our bestsellers in store and now you can join the party too online!  The green catseye is set in gold plated base metal with the wonderful addition of pearl.

A really wow statement earring.

These are so easy to wear with their hook attachment.


These ultra miniature gold vermeil studs are so pretty!  Wear alone or part of an earring 'party' on a second piercing.  


Gold plated on sterling silver Butterfly back.


This petrol shade of pearl has a navy/purple/green hue which is simply stunning worn with either colour or plain white.  Handmade for us in Ireland.


black pearl AAA grade irregular shape set on 24k gold plated chain. Shapes of pearl vary.

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