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It's time to get on board with red accessories - we know they are so on trend but when have they not been a thing?!  Our bestselling bag for a reason - this compact but wonderfully spacious bag is such a winner, includes a leather tassell keyring attachment and a cool aztec strap - plus extra leather strap inside.

This neatly designed phone bag looks so premium - the design is neat yet the clever design fits so much.

Stone colour will suit a multitude of outfits.


Always a must-have in summer - a white leather handbag.  There's nothing as fresh! Add to stripes or spots for a French look, to linens for an Italian vibe and to colours to make it your own.  Great for weddings or events too - or bring on holiday as it will go with everything.


100% cowhide nappa leather

Dimension H W D = 27cm 13cm 18cm


Love any shade of green but this one is my favourite!  This soft 100% cowhide leather bag is perfect for wedding or daytime.  Take the strap off if you want a cute clutch and shorten strap to wear as a shoulder bag.  

Lovely classic design that will stand the test of time.  Great value bags that look amazing!

Dimension H W D = 27cm 13cm 18cm !00% cowhide nappa leather


We are always being asked for neutral colours and there is nothing that beats a metallic bag for fitting seamlessly into your wardrobe.  This soft gold is the perfect option.  Wear with everything from neutrals to brights to prints - it goes with almost everything.

Classic flap front design with long crossbody strap - wear without strap for evening events.  Great one for travelling!

100% cowhide nappa leather

Dimension H W D = 27cm 13cm 18cm 


There is nothing like colour to give us a lift and if a colour isn't your thing in clothing - it is so easy to add a beautiful colour with your accessories. 

A pop of lavender is wornderful with white, denim, navy, lime, pink, other purples and greens.

This beautiful bag is such a simple design which means it will stand the test of time.

Dimensions H W and D = 27cm 13cm 18cm 


This stunning bag is so beautifully soft and is the perfect size - not too big and not too small. The orange colour makes it the perfect statement piece to add to a neutral wardrobe - we love to colour clash with this one though for maximum impact!  

 Fine cowhide nappa leather beautifully made with a soft grab handle and a handdy crossbody strap.

28cm x 18cm x 12cm


This bag will add a touch of sunshine to your whole wardrobe.  This vivid shade of yellow is divine - wear with black, white, denim and strong shades of pink, blues, greens and purples - there really is not much this will not go with!

Come with three outside zips for easy compartmentalising and a comfortable co-ordinating fabric strap. 

Wear without the strap for evenings.

30cm wide x 20cm high x 23cm keep


The colour of 2024!  We love this classic bag anyway, but the burgundy colour just adds to it's beauty.  This is a muted warm burgundy and will go with your summer wardrobe by adding to breton tee shirt, polka dot dress, denim, linens, trench coats and lots lots more!  

Simple flap over design that will stand the test of time.  

Also comes in black and pale grey.


This beautiful Landa bag, designed in association with Jess Redden, is the perfect addition to any wardrobe.  Why?  Because it is a pewter with a beautiful sheen of other colours which makes it perfect to add to blue, baby pink, hot pink, purple, grey, black, navy, khaki and other greens - the list goes on...  

We sell them a lot for evening, but these are perfect during the day - especially with this season's grey jeans.


Looking for a forever bag?  This bag will stand the test of time - both because of it's quality and it's design. 

The fabulous stitching at the front an the elegant gold clasp make this a piece you will want hold onto always.  Love the chevron stitching too!

Designed in Ireland. Includes internal compartment with zipped pocket.  Made from the finest soft nappa leather. 

A bestseller, this phone bag adds beauty and practicality in one easy bag!
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