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Pretty and feminine this bridal hair drape features delicate flower detailing with leaves set with stunning clear crystal. The nude and the gold colours combined makes for a thoroughly romantic look.
Gold and Ivory mini drape
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This smaller bridal drape is the ultimate in prettiness.  You have the option to wear it in so many ways - across the head like a hairband, around the back or over the forehead boho style or draped to one side in a romantic fashion.  Such a cute piece for lots of occassions.

The detailing in this eye catching bridal headpiece is amazing.  Stunning leaves intertwine with simulated pearls to make this piece just adorable.  The silver leaves have a pretty matte finish for a more sophisticated bridal look.  Wear this piece with pride on your wedding day.

Tatiana gold and pearl hair vine
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The Tatiana in gold has all the romaticism of the silver but in a warm yellow gold.  It is pictured here on our beautiful model Emily who is a stunning brunette but this piece would be so perfect for redheads and warmer blondes.  The gold has a softly brushed effect and the pearls are simulated ivory and are really effective nestled between the golden leaves.  This is a slightly flexible piece which gives lots of possibilities.  Worn to the side or on the back of your style it is a most charming bridal headpiece.

Sienna Silver and Crystal Drape
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This showstopping look is created using two different, but complimentary,  clear crystal floral embellishments on either side of the drape.  Beautiful quality brilliant cut cz stones are set in a high shine silver finish.  The wonderful design and craftsmanship of this drape deserved centre stage which makes it perfect for the side of the head where it can be seen in most photographs.  If you want to feel like a modern day movie star on your wedding day, this is the one for you.

Length: 28cm

Width First embellisment: 5.6cm Second embellishment: 4.2cm

Colour Silver with clear crystals


This shorter drape is the perfect piece for creating glamour at the side of the head - perfect for an ultra glamorous updo.


This piece is perfect for pearl lovers! The soft draping is exceptionally pretty and the floral pearl cluster at one end is matched up with a corresponding smaller crystal version. A dreamy romantic piece that will set off your whole bridal look to perfection!

Length: 31.5cm

Width of first embellished comb: 5.2cm

Width of second embellished comb: 2.4cm 

Colour ivory white pearls and silver with clear crystals on second comb.


This amazing bridal drape is a pearl lover's dream and is certainly a dream to wear. Two rows of simulated ivory pearls set between two stunning crystal pieces. The larger end features round simulated pearls of the highest quality set in a round silver comb. The second piece has more closely set brilliant cz in a more dainty comb. Our favorite way to wear this particular drape is on the side of the head. Imagine how beautiful this piece is worn in a soft bridal upstyle and how perfect it will look in close up shots of the vows and cutting of the cake.
A bridal headpiece that will be a cherished part of your wedding day!


This truly majestic piece features beautiful leaf shapes with four larger crystal stones attached to a central crystal 'branch' which can be worn in so many ways on the hair. Features a hidden clasp on either end for ease of attaching and removing.

21 cm long

6 cm at it's widest point. Available in Silver only.



What a stunning hair clasp! This beautiful piece features various size pearls and crystals in a very attractively designed piece. Short clamp to secure at the back.  Attaches with small hair clamp at back of piece.

12cm x 5cm




We know we have a showstopper on our hands - what a beautiful piece! The gold and pearl embellisment looks ultra glamorous and we were blown away by the draping effect (which is such a point of diffence) as well as the magnificent floral detailing at the centre. Set with stunning quality cz and pretty simulated pearls - this is the ultimate in romatic bridal looks.

Length of piece: 35.8

Width at widest point of piece: 5cm

Colour gold with ivory pearl and crystal


We have shown this piece draped at the front which is a beautifully vintage look reminiscent of the roaring 20's. Well we are now in the 2020's so guess what? This look is perfect timing. It can also be worn in an 'alice band' position where the draping just falls delicately in the hair. Either way this is a beautifully look!

Lily Gold and Pearl Drape
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A two part drape that has everything - the glamour of the Lily is undeniable!  This breathtaking design has two separate, but equally beautiful, floral embellishments which are set with beautiful cz crystals and simulated pearls.  This can be worn draped at the side, back or even across the front of the forehead.  Whichever way you choose to wear it you will have a piece to remember.   We think the softness of the yellow gold looks amazing on blondes and redheads.  Check with our store if you are interested in a silver version and we can see if we can get it made up for you. 


Make an impression with your guests (and groom of course) with this quite amazing hair vine. Featuring various styles of flowers linked together (which makes it very adaptable) This piece features some very subtlely placed white pearls and is fixed with a comb on either end for ease of use. Another new addition to our collection.

This piece comes in silver only.

26cm x 4cm approximately.



Want to create a stunning look for your wedding day? This beautiful headpiece has an etheral quality owing to the feather detailing.  Such a beautiful light, yet elegant bridal piece with a stunning silver and crystal floral centrepiece. 

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