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This beautiful bridal piece is that epitome of femininity. With delicate seed fresh water pearls interspersed with crystal flowers and a crystal flower embellishment this piece is spectacular. The Kate is a flexible piece with a clasp at the back so it is adaptable and suitable to wearing so many ways - on the side, top or back of your style and with either up or down hairstyles. We think this is a truly amazing bridal choice.


We know we have a showstopper on our hands - what a beautiful piece! The gold and pearl embellisment looks ultra glamorous and we were blown away by the draping effect (which is such a point of diffence) as well as the magnificent floral detailing at the centre. Set with stunning quality cz and pretty simulated pearls - this is the ultimate in romatic bridal looks.

Length of piece: 35.8

Width at widest point of piece: 5cm

Colour gold with ivory pearl and crystal


We have shown this piece draped at the front which is a beautifully vintage look reminiscent of the roaring 20's. Well we are now in the 2020's so guess what? This look is perfect timing. It can also be worn in an 'alice band' position where the draping just falls delicately in the hair. Either way this is a beautifully look!


This piece is perfect for pearl lovers! The soft draping is exceptionally pretty and the floral pearl cluster at one end is matched up with a corresponding smaller crystal version. A dreamy romantic piece that will set off your whole bridal look to perfection!

Length: 31.5cm

Width of first embellished comb: 5.2cm

Width of second embellished comb: 2.4cm 

Colour ivory white pearls and silver with clear crystals on second comb.


This amazing bridal drape is a pearl lover's dream and is certainly a dream to wear. Two rows of simulated ivory pearls set between two stunning crystal pieces. The larger end features round simulated pearls of the highest quality set in a round silver comb. The second piece has more closely set brilliant cz in a more dainty comb. Our favorite way to wear this particular drape is on the side of the head. Imagine how beautiful this piece is worn in a soft bridal upstyle and how perfect it will look in close up shots of the vows and cutting of the cake.
A bridal headpiece that will be a cherished part of your wedding day!


Looking for a more elaborate piece then this is the one for you! A stunning floral design features mainly brilliant cz with a smattering of pretty pearls. The design is made up of a 'spray' of more delicate florals culminating in a crystal finale. This is a hairband so perfectly placed to take centre stage in all your photographs!

Width (at widest point of piece): 8.9cm

Length of embellishment: 18cm.

Colour Silver with clear crystals

How we would love to have an opportunity to wear this Henrientta headpiece - the leaf design is perfection! Beautiful brilliant cut crystals set in a solid formed leaf-adorned piece that curves perfectly around the head.  This amazing piece is stunning at the back of the head over a updo design - where all your guests can get a chance to admire you while you are getting hitched.   A stunning way to finish off the perfect bridal look.
We know you will cherish this wonderful piece forever.

Length: 15.2cm

Width at widest point: 3.8cm

Colour Silver with clear crystal stones


This amazing piece is perfect for the side of the head whether worn with an updo or on the side of a long romantic hairstyle.  We also love this piece worn around a messy updo. Adds wonderful glamour to a quite formal restrained updo as well as a more relaxed wave.


We are so excited by the arrival of the beautiful Grace bridal drape! Interwoven crystals set into yellow gold interspersed with pearls and crystals and it is flexible too! We are so in love with the pretty leaf and floral detailing lending this a look that is both glamorous and yet relaxed and bohemian. Wear this bridal piece with pride because you will certainly be a bride to remember. Whether to wear it with an up or down hairstyle? That is up to you - the possibilities are endless with this piece but we are picturing it with a soft loose hair look.

Length: 33cm

Width: 3.2cm

Colour Yellow gold with ivory pearls and brilliant cz. 


The detailing in this eye catching bridal headpiece is amazing.  Stunning leaves intertwine with simulated pearls to make this piece just adorable.  The silver leaves have a pretty matte finish for a more sophisticated bridal look.  Wear this piece with pride on your wedding day.


Want to create a stunning look for your wedding day? This beautiful headpiece has an etheral quality owing to the feather detailing.  Such a beautiful light, yet elegant bridal piece with a stunning silver and crystal floral centrepiece. 


A by-gone era of glamour was the inspiration for this 'birdcage' veil. Central brooch piece set on a beautful lace 'bed'. Can be worn to the front or over an updo at the back.  This piece comes with antique gold brooch detail and ivory lace.

Length : 12 cm

Width : 9 cm



The design of this amazing hair drape is truly unique. Two rows of varying sized pearls are attached to two equally beautiful combs encrusted with crystals and pearls.

The larger comb measures 7.5 x 5cm approximately and the smaller one 5.5cm x 4.5cm approximately.

This piece comes in silver only.

Matching bracelet available to purchase separately.


1920's style glamour is not going away and this is truly a showstopping example of that glamorous era. This can be worn Gatsby style or draped on head like a hairband style. Comprises of a large centrepiece set with silver and crystal with rows of tine pearls. Three short drapes of crystals fall from the main section and two rows of crystals to attach to head.  You will really enjoy wearing this piece!

Length : 13cm

Width at widest point : 9cm

This is available in ivory white set with diamante/silver.



This truly majestic piece features beautiful leaf shapes with four larger crystal stones attached to a central crystal 'branch' which can be worn in so many ways on the hair. Features a hidden clasp on either end for ease of attaching and removing.

21 cm long

6 cm at it's widest point. Available in Silver only.


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