About Us

If you like our website, you will love our shop!!

Jasmine is a well known Accessories Boutique which has been operating in Mullingar for the past 18 years.

In an era of high street shops at every turn, we offer a truly unique shopping experience. Our shop is housed in a unique building which has a great history and was originally The Old Dispensary in Mullingar. It has now been remodelled and we hope you can come and visit it.

We are now selling our new Bridal Collections and other special items of jewellery online and our shop houses a vast array of these and every other accessory you might need.

Our Service

We love what we do here at Jasmine.

We know you have busy lives and we feel our job is to help you  take the hard work out of dressing.  Getting the accessories right is so important but often quite challenging – particularly for special events!   The new Jasmine premises has a changing room so you can try on your outfit and look at different options in store.

Don’t forget to take your outfit to the shop and we can give you lots of accessories options

to suit your particular needs.

Contact us directly in the shop or message us on any of our social media platforms below for further information