How to choose the perfect evening bag for every occasion

We hope you like our handy guide that takes the guesswork out of choosing the perfect evening bag.  Most experienced stylists will tell you that shoes, handbags and accessories can make our break the look of your outfit.   It is possible to purchase an inexpensive dress or separates and make it look expensive with quality accessories.  If you keep falling back on the same old clutch all the time it might be time for a rethink and we are here to help.




In the past these were generally satin but time has moved on and now they come in fab leathers and beautiful metallic finishes.  Choose this perfect simple style in a neutral colour for a fussier style dress when you don’t want extra detail. 




Another throwback to a bygone era – this style is beautiful with a structured dress or a vintage tea dress.  Try this in a neutral colour for more wear ability.



A must for any stylish lady – this little beauty brings a more casual outfit from day to night without looking like you tried too hard.  Try to choose one with a detachable strap for daytime weekend wear too.  This one is a really good buy and can work very well in strong colour.


Definitely our most popular bag style for the last few seasons, this evening bag comes in many beautiful designs so choose one or two colours that you know you will turn to time and time again.


The more formal the occasion the smaller the bag should be – now is not the time to carry the kitchen sink with you and smaller and neater just looks so much more polished.

Don’t be tempted to go for a larger cheaper bag – it will sag and look misshapen and ruin the look of your outfit.  If you have lots of thing you need, medication for example, then chose a larger handled bag with structure so it won’t look overstuffed.

If you are wearing a single colour, in particular black, white, beige or navy a coloured or decorative bag will look amazing.  Alternatively if you are wearing a very bright dress a soft metallic or darker shade of the same colour will work very well.

It is difficult to choose a bag without taking the outfit with you and sometimes even the exact shade of bag is not always the best choice.  Take your outfit and shoes if you have them with you to get the bag just right.  Oftentimes a type or colour of shoe can work very well but the matching bag sometimes just throws everything off. An outfit for a special occasion deserves a keen eye to find the finishing touches that will complement your whole look. If you are on a budget and have to decide on what you are going to splurge on always pick your bag, shoes and other accessories.   Great quality accessories always get noticed.  Keep your outfit neutral and let your bag shine.

And lastly try to pick a classic design – unlike clothing, evening bag designs do not change very much and a beautifully made evening bag will last you for years to come.